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La Provence Patisserie & Cafe (Brentwood, CA)

Hello readers, Becca here, with your new favorite reading spot in the Los Angeles area!  Check out the above photo (by Rachel Welch) of a latte at La Provence Patisserie & Cafe in Brentwood, CA!

Whether you’re visiting for a glass of wine, a DELICIOUS dessert, or an afternoon coffee break, La Provence will absolutely be your favorite place to read your newest novel.  I was introduced to it when visiting a friend in LA last November, and now make a point to stop there any time I’m in the area!  The decor is perfect for reading.  Not too quiet and not too loud, with quirky chandeliers and great natural light.  The furnishings are shabby chic and French inspired, and the place has a vibe that makes it completely acceptable to munch on a macaron or piece of quiche and read the afternoon away.

But even if you’re not staying to read, you absolutely must stay for the desserts!  The creme brulee, the chocolate truffles, the macarons – I’ve had all of these at La Provence and they are the best I’ve ever had anywhere!

Single ladies (and men of a certain persuasion) if I haven’t convinced you yet, I have one last trick up my sleeve.  Dreamy waiters with accents!  Do I really need to say anything else?  It is my absolute favorite place to relax with a novel in LA, and I hope you will all love it too!  Atmosphere, food, and service – all get five stars from me!  ★★★★★

La Provence has two locations, but the one I frequent is at 11677 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049.  Their website can be found here.

My lunch the last time I went to La Provence.  Creme Brulee and a soy latte (above).

The dining area at La Provence.  It’s usually a bit more crowded than this – we lucked out and only had to share this gem with about 5 other people on a Saturday afternoon.