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Dagny’s Coffee Company (Bakersfield, CA)

Hello readers, it’s Becca with another awesome venue to kick back and relax with a great book in.

Dagny’s is a local business in our hometown of Bakersfield, California, and it’s the type of local business that you love to see making it.  They’ve been a focal point in the rejuvenation of downtown Bakersfield, and are extremely supportive of local artists.  We’re talking hosting music and art shows, as well as posting the work of local artists for sale throughout their dining area.  For that alone, it’s a really fabulous place.

But in addition to all the local love, Dagny’s is a really cool place to hang out.  You’ll see everyone from hipsters to working professionals on lunch breaks here, and there’s a really accepting and welcoming vibe throughout.  The iced white tea is an addiction of mine, and you can’t beat their baked goods!  Best of all – they serve wine and beer in addition to their caffeinated concoctions.  I did most of my studying for the GRE here a couple of years ago, and believe me, that beer was a godsend!

Come here with your laptop or library book, and stay for awhile on their comfy leather couches.  But come early… those couches fill up fast!

If you’d like to give Dagny’s a try, they are located on the corner of 20th and Eye St. in downtown Bakersfield.  If you’d like to see their schedule of events and listen to some great live music, their website is here.  ★★★★