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Chocolats du Cali Bressan (Santa Barbara, California)

After reading Joanne Harris’s Chocolat, I was left with a craving that plain ol’ Hershey’s just couldn’t satisfy.  I needed beautiful, gourmet, thoughtfully-prepared and delicious chocolates a la Vianne Rocher.  And, much to my luck, I found them right here in Santa Barbara!  Chocolats du Cali Bressan is a legitimate French chocolaterie that I just know makes truffles and bon bons to rival Vianne’s.  It also doesn’t hurt that it’s right next door to the new downtown tasting room of one of my favorites, Sanford Winery.  Best of all – you don’t have to be in beautiful Santa Barbara to benefit from these delicious treats.  You can order them online!

We generally review places that you can sit and read a book at – this is not one of them.  It’s a small, hole-in-the-wall place.  However, it’s near some outdoor benches, a great winery (that, admittedly, is nearly always too full to linger over a book) and all the other seating that downtown Santa Barbara has to offer.  So if you’re near or far, I recommend you grab a chocolate (or two), and settle in with Chocolat.  I’m no Vianne, so I don’t know what your favorite is, but I can tell you mine!  I recommend the Boysenberry Seashell and Earl Grey Bon Bons, as well as the Szichuan Pepper and Orange Truffle – though you can also try the Rocher bon bon… perhaps named after our heroine herself?

Final great thing – Chocolate Tasting/Tours with champagne monthly!  If you’re local, check the site for more details.

I give this chocolaterie 4 stars.  I know you’ll enjoy it too! ★★★★

– Becca


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