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Chocolat by Joanne Harris

I’m behind on reporting back about my Christmas book finds, but here’s another one.

I’m a first year high school English teacher and my department has a wonderful tradition for a holiday party – a book exchange.  Each English teacher (and total book nerd) brings an old or new favorite wrapped book, and then the stealing begins.  This year, I ended up with Peaches for Father Francis by Joanne Harris, which is the 3rd book in the Chocolat series.  I had no idea it even was a series, so of course, I knew I had to buy and read the two books preceding it.  I’m so glad I did.

I began with Chocolat – the first, and arguably most popular of the three.  The movie is good, but the book is absolutely enchanting.  You know the type of book that you just want to crawl inside and stay awhile?  This is one of those books!  The plot is not entirely memorable – strange woman and her daughter move to a town where nothing is “strange” and open a chocolaterie.  Some people love them, several people don’t, but they are successful nonetheless.  This isn’t the type of book you read for the events in the plot, though.  You read it for the well developed, quirky characters who you can always recognize as people from your own acquaintance.  You read it for the small, quaint French town that makes you want to move to some remote village immediately and spend your days gossiping and drinking chocolat in a terraced cafe.  I loved reading this book, and I think you will too.  Just remember to have lots of great chocolate on hand – you’ll need it!

I give this book 4 stars.  And stay tuned.  I also read the second and third books and was equally enchanted (though in different ways) by them.  ★★★★

– Becca


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  1. I’ve had this book on my bookshelf to read since Christmas also. It sounds amazing. I need to get on that!


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