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Free Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Hello everyone, and happy Veteran’s Day!  If you are fortunate enough to have a long weekend, I hope you are enjoying it!

My latest work in progress (Citron from

In addition to reading, I love to knit.  I’ve been a fan of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog for years now, and I have read several of her books as well.  The most recent book I read was Free Range Knitter, a collection of essays about knitting.  Pearl-McPhee is known for her humor, but some of these essays are also poignant.  In fact, she has done an excellent job of creating a well-balanced collection where humorous and serious topics are both covered.

Some of the essays in this book are focused on the experiences and challenges of knitting.  The topics (having enough yarn for a project, having to rip back and start over when something goes wrong, etc) will be familiar to both beginning and experienced knitters.  If you’ve ever dealt with some of the things that can go wrong when trying to knit a project, you’ll appreciate and sympathize with her comical anecdotes.  Other essays focus on individual knitters.  I particularly enjoyed these personal sketches.  From Annabelle, whose new interest in knitting is one of the few things that can convince this rambunctious five-year-old to sit still, to Rachel, who turned to a simple knitting project for comfort during a period of depression, each portrait is very different from the others and inspiring to read.

Obviously, this book is not for everybody, since the topic is so specific.  However, if you enjoy knitting or other creative crafts, give this author a try.  I find her both hilariously funny and extremely inspirational.  I am giving this book four stars-it was a very enjoyable read.  ★★★★



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