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Gearing up for the National Book Festival

Hi everyone!

In preparation for the National Book Festival this weekend, I just wanted to share this link to the National Book Festival Page on the Library of Congress’s website.  You can also find a list of authors participating in the 2012 festival here.  Personally, I am very excited to see Patricia Polacco!  I have loved her children’s books since at least the first grade, and probably earlier.  I plan on being at both her talk and book signing.  Thomas Friedman and Michael Connelly are also on the list of authors I would like to hear speak.

Like most visitors to the book festival, I start out by grabbing one of the free Book TV bags and a poster.  The posters are different each year, and I always give mine to my mom for her classroom.  Then I try to stake out a good seat in one of the tents.  I try to hold off on visiting the tent where books are sold until later in the day, since I tend to buy more than I had originally planned!

If you’re in the area, come and join me at the National Book Festival this weekend!  If you can’t make it to DC, check out the Library of Congress’s website-they’ve already done a lot of podcasts this year, and they will be posting videos of the authors’ talks soon after the festival!

A picture of the mall during my first book festival (2010)


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