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The Daily Grind (Santa Barbara, CA)

Since moving to Santa Barbara, I’ve been looking for a good coffee place (and by extension reading, studying, and gossiping place) that really feels like home.  Being new to the town, I’ll be trying a lot of new places and writing about them here, but I’m happy to report that I have already found a gem!

I was drawn to The Daily Grind when my absolute favorite singer/songwriter and Santa Barbara local, Crosby Loggins (check him out), wrote about it in one of his songs.  When I looked it up, and found it was across from another favorite place, McConnell’s ice cream, my high hopes were further elevated.

It may be relevant to note, before I continue, that I am the biggest coffee snob on the planet.  Since traveling to Costa Rica and getting hooked on their insanely delicious brews, Starbucks is just okay and Folger’s makes me want to cry.  I actually have Costa Rican coffee delivered in bulk so I can drink it every morning!  But I can honestly say that whatever Daily Grind is using, it is GOOD.  It’s the best I’ve had since Costa Rica, hands down.  In fact, it might even be better!  Which is lucky, because you can purchase coffee beans and grounds at The Daily Grind!  And if coffee isn’t your thing, there is also a juice bar and huge assortment pastries, as well as sandwiches and salads. (MUFFINS!  Get the muffins! They’re sinfully wonderful)

Aside from the great coffee and snacks, the vibe is perfect for reading and studying.  In fact, if you come to this place, you’ll be surrounded by fellow readers and academics.  You will also be surrounded by license plates from various places and bikes hanging on the wall.  The quirky décor is really fun, and surprisingly at odds with the upbeat pop music that was playing through my most recent visit.

One thing to keep in mind is that Daily Grind accepts cash only… so come prepared!  They also don’t have air conditioning, which isn’t usually an issue in Santa Barbara, but learn from my mistake and do NOT wear a sweater there in August!  I’m giving my new favorite digs in Santa Barbara four stars.  Pay them a visit soon, on the corner of De La Vina and Mission!  I know I will be. ★★★★

– Becca


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